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Ian Hodgson, PhD

Phone: +44 796 668 0418
Email: ian@ijhodgson.co.uk

School of Health Studies
25 Trinity Road
Bradford, BD5 0BB

More information about
Ian's work can be found at :

Profile and Experience

Dr. Ian Hodgson is based at the University of Bradford in the UK, and has a background in HIV education and research. From an academic perspective, he is particularly interested in how HIV is perceived across cultures, and the way social organizations generate HIV-stigma. Ian is also an Associate of Health and Development Networks (HDN), a media and advocacy organization based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. HDN works to improve the quality of information dissemination and debate around HIV and AIDS, as well as increasing the involvement of affected people in discussions at community, national and international levels concerning HIV prevention, and the support and care of people living with HIV.


PhD: Nursing, 2003. (University of Bradford, UK)
MA: Health Policy, 1995. (Sheffield Hallam University, UK)
BEd: Education, 1980. (University of Sheffield, UK)

RN: 1983. (Doncaster School of Nursing, UK)

Recent publications

  • Hodgson, I. (2006) Empathy, inclusion and enclaves: the culture of HIV care and the implications for nursing. Journal of Advanced Nursing. 55 (3): 283-290
  • Hodgson, I. (2006) The Price of the Ticket, openDemocracy.net, 90, [Online at: http://www.opendemocracy.net/globalization-hiv/health_3430.jsp]
  • Hodgson, I. (2006) Being without ARVs in developing countries: is enough being done? Journal of the Association of American Nurses in AIDS Care, 17 (1), 3-6
  • Hodgson, I. (2006) Dazed and confused; the reality of AIDS treatment in South Africa, openDemocracy.net, 84
    [Online at: http://www.opendemocracy.net/globalization-hiv/southafrica_3170.jsp]
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